Unlock ChatGPT Plus with non-US bank cards

If you want to get ChatGPT Plus and get such errors like “Your card was declined. Please try a different card” or “try debit card” – then you might try this way below.

I am sure it is a temporary problem and OpenAI will solve the issue in the future.

But for now, to get chatgpt 4 the only way is getting PLUS plan, so the method can be useful for you.

As you noticed the payment is provided by Stripe + Link.co.

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How quickly get started with Open-AI DALL-E using PHP

Official documentation of Open AI gives 3 type of examples – NodeJS SDK, Python SDK and raw CURL.

I know there are several 3rd party PHP SDK-s in Github. But i also know most of excited testers would like to get started directly, without installing SDK and reading docs.

So, let’s implement raw CURL directly into PHP code and make DALL-E working in 1 minute.

You must get your API token here: https://beta.openai.com/account/api-keys

Once you have a key, just use this PHP snippet for DALL-E image generation:

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Neural Network that finds what season the given day belongs to

Neural Network - find what season it is

Today i am creating new category branch in my blog, where i will post simple and useful AI snippets that is very easy to implement. My main focus would be E-Commerce and mining useful data from WordPress user sessions.

As a start, i will post very simple starter example.

I will use JavaScript based AI engines in general – simply because those are very easy to implement, work in browser, don’t require any software installation. So you will be able create neural network online without installing any tool.

So, let’s get started.

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