How quickly get started with Open-AI DALL-E using PHP

Official documentation of Open AI gives 3 type of examples – NodeJS SDK, Python SDK and raw CURL.

I know there are several 3rd party PHP SDK-s in Github. But i also know most of excited testers would like to get started directly, without installing SDK and reading docs.

So, let’s implement raw CURL directly into PHP code and make DALL-E working in 1 minute.

You must get your API token here:

Once you have a key, just use this PHP snippet for DALL-E image generation:

$number=1; //change it then
$yourinput='Imagine Nigara waterwall on Mars';
curl \
  -H \'Content-Type: application/json\' \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer '.$apikey.'" \
  -d \'{
    "prompt": "'.$yourinput.'",
    "n": 1,
    "size": "'.$resolution.'"
 ',$output, $return_var);

  echo '<a href="'.$joutput["data"][0]["url"].'">DOWNLOAD</a><br>';
else {
    print_r($output); //something went wrong

echo 'done'

That’s all. This piece of code will give you a saved PNG image without needing installing SDK or other libraries.

And here are some sample generated images with this code

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