How to use Google DNS in Ubuntu/Debian permanently

Few weeks ago in one of the servers we faces strange issue: The website couldn’t send emails using remote SMTP.

First i thought it was related to SMTP port, credentials etc. – but everything was OK there. So then i tries to ping and got surprised. It wasn’t worked. Simple ping didn’t work.

So it was obviously corrupted DNS issue.

First i tried the easier way, which is recommended by, adding Google DNS IP addresses to resolv.conf file

sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf

But it didn’t help.

So i decided to go into deeper and solving it using netplan.

Solving DNS issue in Ubuntu/Debian servers:

Step 1: Open netplan file.

sudo nano /etc/netplan

Step 2: Add the following code under ens* block (following YAML syntax is required)

addresses: [,]

It should look like this:

Step 3: Apply the rules:

sudo netplan apply

Step 4: Check if it works:

systemd-resolve --status | grep 'DNS Servers' -A2

It should show something like this

That’s all.

If you see and there, then the problem should be resolved now.

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